Cosmic Boosh

You are a Cosmic Boosh. Your sole purpose is to defend the universe from planet-threatening comets and asteroids. Use your pyrophoric explosive abilities to destroy them all!


Cosmic Boosh is addicting, challenging, and beautiful to look at. Cosmic Boosh features sound design by electronic musician, n8chur (

Control your Cosmic Boosh with tilt controls or touch (great for car/bus rides) and tap the screen to explode, demolishing anything around you. Collect space gas for extra points!

Grab power-ups to gain the upper hand!

Think quick and plan your attack to hit multiple targets for a huge bonus. Kill streaks offer combo multipliers, so try to stay alive as long as possible!

The survival of the universe is in your hands.

  • Cosmic Boosh iPhone
  • Cosmic Boosh iPhone
  • Cosmic Boosh iPhone
  • Cosmic Boosh iPhone
  • Cosmic Boosh iPad
  • Cosmic Boosh iPad
Lone House: Lightwave/Photoshop

Lone House

Created using Maya, Lightwave, Adobe Photoshop, and rendered using Mental Ray.

This is the wallpaper render of the Final Project for the Digital Lighting / Texturing course at CSU Chico.

This was created in Maya with textures created / modified using Photoshop.

Very minor post-production done in Photoshop as well.

Bee: Lightwave/Maya/3DS Max (Group Project)


Created using Lightwave, Adobe Photoshop, and rendered using Mental Ray.

This piece was the result of a group project for 3D Modeling at CSU Chico.

The concept was a robotic bee which obtains power from an electronic powersource which resembles an electrical socket were there would normally be pollen in a flower.

I also made the initial few concept sketches and a good portion of basic modeling.

CigHead: Photoshop


Created using Adobe Photoshop, Digital Camera, and a Wacom Tablet.

This piece was designed at the Art Institute of Orange County as part of a mock anti-smoking ad.

The cigarette butt that is his head is a collage of several photos I took of buring cigarettes.

Sarah: Photoshop


Created using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet.

This digital painting was intended as a birthday gift for a friend and was printed at 18"x24".

This piece is an abstract impression of the woman in the painting.

The colors in this painting largely influence all of my artwork from that point on.

May still be hung in UPS Stores around Chico as an example of their large printer's capabilities.

n8chur logo: Illustrator

n8chur logo

Created using Illustrator.

Simple yet bold and effective.

This logo is meant to embody the synchronization of natural organic form with technological synthetic form.

I felt that 8 is easily associated with technology (8-bit, etc.) and the tentacle like structures on the bottom of the logo give it some organic content.

This logo went through many revisions as I attempted to make the logo as simple and effective as possible.

StoneMan: Mirage


Created using Mirage, Adobe Photoshop, and Wacom Tablet.

This piece was created for the Concept Design and Storyboarding class at CSU chico.

We were assigned to create an elemental with realistic lighting.

I chose earth/rock and spent most of my time attempting to simulating realistic lighting with digital paint.

n8chur - anglerfish EP: Photoshop

anglerfish EP

Created using Adobe Photoshop.

This album cover art is a digital painting designed to represent the visual form of the music on my digitally released single, anglerfish.

The design was also reused as the main content on an event flyer for the Chico electronic music event, BETA.

Me: ZBrush/Maya


Created using ZBrush, Maya, and rendered using Mental Ray.

This is a self portrait of myself done entirely in 3D.

Tree Shirt: Photoshop/Mirage

Tree Shirt

Digitally painted in Mirage. Imposed in Photoshop.

This is a mock-up design for an idea I had for a T-Shirt.

Mermanpus: Photoshop/Mirage


Digitally painted in Mirage. Enhanced in Photoshop.

A concept design for an merman / octopus creature.

CD Art: Illustrator/Photoshop

CD Art

Designed in Photoshop / Illustrator.

Used as the CD art for a promotional CD which was distributed throughout San Francisco.

Flash Site

Flash Site

A Flash / ActionScript portfolio Web site created completely by myself.


Westin Newell


San Francisco, CA

download resume

Please feel free to contact Westin with any questions, requests for more examples of work, or pricing information.

jQuery Cycle Plugin
25 Mar 2011

It takes quite a bit of research to find those plugin gems for your web site, so I thought I’d share one of my favorites.

jQuery Cycle Plugin is an awesome way to get smooth transition between gallery elements. I utilize this plugin on this site with the navigation cycling between the various pages of my portfolio work. As you can see, it’s not just limited to images, but can be used to cycle though <div>s as well!

To learn more visit this website, check out some of the examples or visit the FAQ and options reference page to learn more! The Beginner’s Demo page also has some great examples to get you started.

If you are unfamiliar with jQuery, visit the Getting Started.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about setting it up!

Hello World!
22 Mar 2011

This is my first ever blog post on my portfolio site!

Finally got the blog up and running and fully integrated into my web site through WordPress. made a great post which walks you through integrating WordPress into your website. Following this made the entire process extremely easy for me to figure things out.

It may take some time, but soon I will be posting various findings, project updates, and any other useful goodies I find worthy of sharing!

In the meantime, poke around the site and check out my music (although I really only recommend pushing play if you have an extremely loud subwoofer hooked up!) and please feel free to comment on whats done so far!