I'm Westin.

I also go by "n8chur" (pronounced "nature") as my alias.

I'm an Objective-C and Swift engineer, VR/AR enthusiast, and avid gamer. I studied design and 3D character animation in college and spent a few years producing silly bass music after that.

My first professional programming position was at Hipstamatic where I prototyped new features for the Incredibooth app.

Shortly after that, I worked at a small startup called StarMaker. I was hired early on to convert their singing karaoke app into a gaming experience more like Guitar Hero or Rockband. After a few years I was leading a team of iOS engineers until StarMaker Studios was acquired.

After StarMaker, I worked at Automatic Labs where I played a key role in rewriting their application based on a entirely new design. This project relied heavily on functional reactive programming (using ReactiveObjC). I contributed to a few open source projects during my time there. I left shortly after Automatic was acquired by SiriusXM.

I then spent some time doing contract work before joining Haiku to work on Diez. While I was considered the resident iOS expert on the team, I also spent a significant amount of time working on the tool's compiler in TypeScript.

I started working at Square as a Senior iOS Engineer on the Point of Sale team at the end of March, 2020.

In my free time I dabble in prototyping virtual reality experiences in Unity and Unreal Engine and I'm excited about opportunities in the virtual and augmented reality space.

Feel free to reach out at westin@n8chur.com.